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Quality, value and personal attention has been the mission statement of Haas Jewelers since I founded it in 1982.

In 1975, I began my career by working through all aspects of the jewelry industry to become a creative inspirational jeweler/designer with meticulous attention to detail which distinguishes my work.

From working with our new customers, to designing a custom piece of jewelry or repairing a piece of jewelry you already own, I personally work with all my customers and I also perform all the work.  Haas Jewelers is a relaxed, comfortable, fun atmosphere.  Susan and I like to say we want to bring the excitement and fun to jewelry.  How exciting is it when you find that perfect engagement ring or a custom wedding band that fits with the ring you already wear.  How much fun is it to design a piece of jewelry that is you and only you.  How exciting is it ti know the family heirloom can be restored to look new again.  This is why we are hands on.  This is what we enjoy doing and this is why all of our clients are special and are treated that way. 


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Haas Jewelers is a member in good standing with the American Gem Trade Association, The Better Business Bureau and One Southern Indiana.

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